South Korea August 2014

Cycling through Seoul along the river on amazing cycle path.
Cycling through Seoul along the river on amazing cycle path.
Our bikes....folded!
Our bikes….folded!
Flooded cycle path!
Flooded cycle path!
Typical South Korean cycle path
J Typical South Korean cycle path


3 thoughts on “South Korea August 2014”

  1. Just caught up with now you are in USA. Happy New Year to you both. May your journey continue to be a wonderful one.

  2. Hi Christine and Stephen
    We have met you a couple of times at the Cycle Touring Festival – Martin did a talk a few years ago on cycling the world in the 90s.

    I came across your blog as I was searching for South Korea in August! We have been inspired to go there after hearing people talk about it at the CTF but can only go towards the end of August and plan to cycle from Seoul to Busan and get the train or bus back.

    I realise it’s going to be very hot and humid then but just wonder if it’s doable and I noticed that you were there in August. How did you find it? Was it doable? We would be prepared to get up early and have 10 days to do it so aren’t in too much of a rush!

    I would also welcome any advice on travelling on buses and trains with our bikes (non foldable) and also on camping along the route?

    Any advice you can give us would be much appreciated!

    Hope to see you at the next CTF!


    Joan and Martin Ford

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