Books Read – Christine


1 Suite Française ( in French)
2 Dominion. C. J. Sansom


3 Er ist wieder da (in German)
4 The Breakaway. Nicole Cooke
5 The Cuckoo’s Calling. Robert Galbrait


6 The Silkworm. Robert Galbraith
7 Journey by moonlight. Antal Szerb. Translated from Hungarian.


8 Three men on the Bummel. Jerome K Jerome.


9 Rivers of Babylon. Peter Pistanek. Translated from Slovak.
10. 101 Damnations. Ned Boulting
11 Dead Man’s time. Peter James


12 Want you Dead. Peter James.


13 street without a name. Kafka Kassabova. Translated from Bulgarian.

14 Pride and Prejudice  Jane Austen. Resting in Belgrade with my broken (even though I didn’t know it then) arm and in need of solace

New Zealand

15 The Way we live now. Anthony Trollope.  It may be from the 19th C, but so relevant to today!

16 Long Way Home. Eva Dolan  Good crime thriller.

17 One Lousy Pirate. Doug Walsh. Travel book. Not enamoured.

18 The Grownup. Gillian Flynn.

19 The Yellow Jersey Club. Edward Pickering

20 Accidence will happen. Oliver Kamm. Perfect for a grammar pedant.

21 Brooklyn. Colm Toibin. Not as good as the wonderful film.

22 Pompeii: The life of a Roman. Mary Beard

23 Entry Island. Peter May.

24 Blacklands. Belinda Bauer.

25 To The Lighthouse. Virginia Woolf.  Never read it before. Never will again!

26 Savage Continent. Europe in the aftermath of World War 2. Keith Lowe. Excellent Book and gives greater understanding of the background to the problems facing Europe now.

27 Career of Evil JK Rowling. Loved it.

28 You are dead. Peter James. Crime novel. Enjoyed it.

29 Painted ladies. Robert B Parker. Crime novel. Love his spare writing style.

30 In Office Hours. Lucy Kellaway. Ho hum.

31 The Martian. Andy Weir. Brilliant.

32 The child’s child. Barbara Vine. Enjoyable crime novel.

33 Barchester Towers. Anthony Trollope. Yet again. One of my top 10 favourite books ever.

34 What goes around. Emily Chappell. Enjoyable description of life as a London bicycle courier.

35 Swiss watching. Bewes Diccon. Very enjoyable.

36 Runaway. Peter May. Enjoyable.

Brooklyn. Coin Toibin. Re read afte seeing the wonderful film again. Better second time around.

37 The Last Kingdom. Bernard Cornwell. The 1st Utred book. It was free. Want to read the rest now!

Read in Australia.

38 Crime at Tattenham Corner. Annie Haynes. Crime story from the 1920’s. Unintentionally very funny…and dated!

39 Middlemarch. George Eliot. Re read and really enjoyed.

40 Anne of Green Gables  LM Montgomery. Never read as a child, but remember a TV series! Missed something special. Absolutely wonderful book! Enjoyed it so much I read all the rest. (The whole collection was just 49p on Amazon! And cost of books is a big factor at the moment!)

41 Anne of Avonlea

42 Anne of the Island

43 Anne of Windy Poplars

44 Anne’s house of dreams

45 Anne of Ingleside

46 Rainbow Valley

47 Rilla of Ingleside

48 Baguettes and Bicycles Stephen Herrick. Cycling across France following Eurovelo 6, the route we took. Not insightful. Basically, France is wonderful, the French are wonderful and this is the amazing meal we ate today cheaply!!

49 Raining Sushi and Donuts. John Chapman. Cycling the length of Japan, but not as insightful as I had hoped!

50 Cycling North to Norway. Steven Herrick. Better than the France book, but not that good.

51 Emma. Jane Austen. Needed to read something good. And who is better than Miss Austen?

52 Travels in Alaska. John Muir. An account of travelling at the end of the 19th century. Engrossing. He was so hardy!!

On Cruise Sydney to Singapore

53 Notorious Nineteen. Janet Evanovich. Another entertaining lightweight Stephanie Plum novel. Great to relax with!

54 Boomsday  Christopher Buckley. Very entertaining parody of how our generation has it all.

55 Breakdown. Sara Paretsky. Another excellent book from probably my favourite crime writer.

56 Paper Doll. Robert Parker.  Another crime masterclass from the supreme example of writing sparely. Love his style!


57 Over the hill and around the World. Darby Roach. Another cycling book. Okay.

58 Ivanhoe. Sir Walter Scott. Never read any of his works, so thought I would give it a try. Seemed very cliched and dated.

59 Tess of the D’Urbevilles. Thomas Hardy. Studied it for A level and was moved to read it again after it was discussed on the very excellent ‘In our time’. Was absolutely brilliant. But reminded me why I stopped reading Hardy. Just so depressing! I like a happy ending!

60 Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte. Am reading a number of the classics as they are free on Amazon! Just loved this! Had forgotten the Gothic horror influence. Wonderful.

61. Lady Susan. Jane Austen. Had never read this novella, but inspired to by hearing of film adaptation. Absolutely brilliant!

I now have a problem in that I had to replace my Kindle and do not have the books in the order they were read, so may miss a few.

Kathy Reichs Crime series with Temperance Brennan

62  Deja Dead

63  Death du Jour

64 Deadly Decisions

65  Fatal Voyage

66. Grave Secrets

67. Bare Bones

68. Monday Mourning

69. Cross Bones

70 Crime and Punishment. Dostoevsky. Just as wonderful as I remembered.

71 The Secret Garden. Frances Hodgson Burnett. One I missed in my youth.

72  Last flight of the pigeon. Simon Clode. Very entertaining tale of a bike ride across China.

In the USA

73  Bernard Cornwell. The pale horseman. Uhtred book 2

74 Bernard Cornwell. The Lords of the North. Uhtred book 3

75 Bernard Cornwell. Sword song. Uhtred book 4

76 Bernard Cornwell. The burning land. Uhtred book 5

77 Bernard Cornwell. Death of Kings. Uhtred book 6

78. Bernard Cornwell. The Pagan Lord. Uhtred book 7

79. Bernard Cornwell. The Empty Throne. Uhtred book 8

80. Phineas Finn. Anthony Trollope. Palliser series. Excellent.

81. The Eustace Diamonds. Anthony Trollope. Palliser series. Excellent.


  1. Can recommend “A History of the Rain” by Niall Williams – my favourite read this year and “All the light we cannot see”

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