Steamy Singapore – Addendum

We forgot to mention that after we disembarked on Saturday remarkably we met both of the couples with whom we had several conversations on board – Kerry and Rob from Canberra and Steve and (I think) Leanne (apologies if I have misremembered your name, but I’m getting old!) from Wollongong – separately while cycling into the centre. It is a small world at times.

Steamy Singapore

30/4-3/5/16. Not surprisingly we got several strange looks as we wheeled our bikes through the ship to the gangway and it generated a couple of conversations regarding what on earth we were doing their with our bikes!

Immigration was less of a chore and we were soon on our way. We had arranged to stay with Hanny (a former work colleague of Stephen’s) and Steve who live to the west of the city centre but they were having lunch with friends so we had a few hours to look round. We headed for the lovely Gardens by the Bay (by the hotel with the boat on top) where we could get some shade from the trees – it was over 30° at 8.30 in the morning.

We are getting quite apprehensive about the heat because we are getting bathed in sweat (sorry about that) after very short periods outside. We have read that the whole of South East Asia is currently suffering from a prolonged heatwave which makes us feel a little better.  We’ll just have to see how we get on.

After lunch we made our way to Hanny and Steve’s following mainly bike routes on what, on reflection,was a rather circuitous route and were blown away by the stunning views from their apartment and the way they opened their home to us. They are on the 27th floor looking out over a golf course, Semtosa Island and the sea.

In the evening we went to Semtosa for a few drinks and a bite to eat. It was an amazing place! It was like a giant theme park – all slightly unreal but fascinating to see. There were loads of people around but Steve and Hanny said it would be much more crowded the following day, being the Sunday of a long weekend.

On Sunday, Christine went to a service in the cathedral (the first time ever that she has queued to go to church!) and then we paid our customary visit to the botanic gardens. They are a UNESCO World Heritage site and we could see why. The orchids display was brilliant and included a cool house for plants from the more mountainous regions which was bliss to stand in for a while to escape the baking heat.

In the evening we went for a mini “pub crawl” in the centre of the city looking for bars showing the match between the then Champions Elect and Man Utd (Stephen is still pinching himself!)

On Monday Christine’s tummy started to play up. She is susceptible to this sort of thing (which is one reason we will definitely not be going to India). It cleared up overnight but left her feeling drained (literally!) and in no fit state to set off as planned so Hanny and Steve kindly let us stay for another night while they went off to work, Hanny flying to Thailand for a couple of days.