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  1. Nearly a year ago now I was fortunate to have met you two on the drawbridge overlooking Port Everglades. You must have just disembarked for your Florida segment.

    I hope the Florida segment was a good part of your journey and in general us Americans were kind and generous to you.

    I do admire your energy and fortitude to accomplish the adventure you made.

    Regards and cheers,


    1. Lovely to hear from you, Bernie. We had a great time cycling through Florida. It was so big! We found a lot of very kind and generous people on our travels, both in the States and alsewhere. It completely restored our faith in human nature as, everywhere we went, people were kind and generous and hospitable! Totally unlike all the bad things you hear on the news every day! Texas wasn’t so good. The people were fine, but the dogs weren’t!!
      We loved the trip, and although we have no definite plans for another big cycling trip at the moment I expect we shall set off again one day.
      Best wishes
      Christine & Stephen

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