Welcome to Italy

Sunday 26 Jan 2020 Stephen had half jokingly suggested visiting San Marino to chalk up another country and the idea took hold. A trip over the Alps to a warmer Italy seemed inviting. The train ride from Innsbruck up to the Brenner pass and down the other side was lovely, but the Pass itself was just a giant lorry park with multi-storey car park and shops as well. Great.

Christine had 40 minutes between trains in Bologna and went to see the memorial to the bomb blast there in 1980. Someone she knew from school was killed in the explosion whilst Interrailing with her boyfriend. (And Stephen went through the station the day before.)

She then experienced a typically Italian event as she waited for her train by platform 4, as per the departure board. Luckily, she happened to notice a train pulling in on a different platform with the same number and destination as her train. It transpired there are 2 platform 4’s, an east and a west, but no mention of this on the departure board! She got on the train somewhat apprehensively as the electronic display on the train itself said it was going in the opposite direction, but the platform information declared it to be the correct one. There was a big sigh of relief as the train headed to Rimini. It was one of those innumerable occasions when you just have to shrug your shoulders and accept these things happen in Italy!

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