We Have Split Up!

Friday 24 Jan 2020 But not in THAT way!

When we were initially planning the holiday there was a difference of views on how long we should be away, Stephen thinking that three weeks away from his beloved bikes would be quite long enough and Christine wanting longer away from the cold and damp of the British winter.

We decided that we could both have what we wanted by a (temporary) parting of the ways and so bought different sorts of Interrail passes – Stephen’s allows him to travel on up to 15 days (in a two month period although he will actually only use it for three weeks) while Christine’s lasts a month and lets her travel every day if she wants.

As a result today was our last day together until Christine returns to Worcester in early February. We caught the 7 o’clock train from Zagreb together with Stephen heading to Aschaffenburg, near Frankfurt, tonight before running to Blighty tomorrow, while Christine is leaving the train in the middle of Austria to head for Innsbruck tonight. From there she will head down to Italy so that she can chalk up San Marino on her list of countries visited. She hasn’t decided where she is going after that but does intend visiting our daughter Eleri who is spending the winter working in the French Alps.

The train soon crossed into Slovenia where the border crossing was much quicker despite the American in the next compartment getting a 5 minute grilling from four police (nothing to do with the colour of his skin, surely?). Immediately the country looked much more prosperous with well maintained houses and more kempt fields. The trip up the valley of the River Sava to Ljubljana was very pretty and reminded us how much we enjoyed our cycling holiday in Slovenia in about 2007.

Soon after Ljubljana we started climbing again and the views improved still further as we entered the Alps and Austria. It was all very chocolate box pretty. However, there wasn’t as much snow as we were expecting – in many places it was little more than a dusting. Of course it was thicker elsewhere and we passed several ski resorts with views of people on the slopes and cable cars heading up higher.

As the time for the parting of the ways approached we both became quieter. This coming 10 days will be the longest we have spent apart for many years – will we manage? 

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