Off We Go

Tuesday 7 Jan 2020 The train from Worcester to Birmingham was surprisingly uncrowded compared with previous rush hour journeys we have taken on that route so we managed to get seats all the the way and they were even next to each other!

The journey continued smoothly via (1) train to Euston (2) short walk to St Pancras (3) Eurostar to Brussels (we decided French railways were too difficult at this time and we could get a refund of our Paris tickets because of the disruption) (4) short but extremely smooth change in Brussels to see us on the German ICE train to Frankfurt.

However, it all appeared to be going wrong shortly after we crossed into Germany when there was an announcement that the train would be stopping at the next station due to a technical fault. We would have to wait for another train for Frankfurt which made it look unlikely that we would make it connection to get us to Munich that evening as hoped.

We should have had more faith in Deutsche Bahn! After a 15 minute wait an empty train pulled into the platform and we all piled on. It sped off and pulled into Frankfurt Airport station only 10 minutes late meaning that we still had 3 or 4 minutes to wander across to the next platform for the Munich train.

We could now book the hotel in the Bavarian capital using the train WiFi with confidence that we wouldn’t waste another night’s hotel cost (in the kerfuffle of changing plans we had booked a room in Mulhouse in eastern France for the previous night – I told you cockup was involved!)

We rolled into Munich main station and a 5 minute walk saw us settled in our hotel in southern Germany 14.5 hours after leaving home.

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