Christine’s Tale – Part 1

Friday 24 Jan 2020 The big split came at a small station with a long name, Schwarzach St. Veit.  I waved goodbye to Stephen and waited for my connection and headed off into the Tyrol. The train went past Zell am See, bringing back memories of a summer holiday there more than 25 years ago.

Gradually there was more snow, especially in one village which proudly proclaimed it was the snowiest village in the Tyrol. In general though I was surprised how little snow there was, with only snow at higher levels. It certainly didn’t match up to my expectations of a winter scene in the Alps. 

We went through some ski resorts and right past the famous Hahnenkamm slope at Kitzbühel where it was very busy with many TV lorries for the ski races there this weekend. The end of the downhill run was incredibly steep, and looked as though it would be impossible to ski down. 

I safely registered at the hotel and set off to explore Innsbruck a bit before the sun went down. The only other time I have been here was in 1979 on a previous Interrail trip. I had forgotten just how beautiful a city it is, with graceful old buildings and the snow capped mountains peeking out above them. Time for a delicious hot chocolate, made by melting a large ball of chocolate in hot milk, at a comfy cafe.

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