…Quite Quick, Stop!

18/7/18. Well, we didn’t quite complete the “Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow” sequence primarily due to the spacing of campsites (but the temperature and our attitude played their parts too!)

Tuesday took us 54 km from Heilbronn to Eberbach through a succession of pretty little towns and villages situated wherever the hills pulled back a little from the river banks. In between the views were even more lovely than the previous day and every so often there was a large barge or a river cruise boat to provide additional interest.

The campsite in Eberbach could not have been more convenient for the cycle route – the gate was at least 10 metres off to the right! We took a pitch right on the river bank with views of the old town and surrounding hills on the other side. The only slight downside with the site was the absence of Wi-Fi.

As it was only mid afternoon we wandered over the bridge to have a look around the town and to investigate train fares and times for the trip to Heidelberg that we were planning for the next day. (We were only a day’s ride from the end of the Neckar bike route where it flows into the Rhine at Mannheim providing we did not stop to look around Heidelberg on the way and, anyway, there were no campsites around the city famed for its ancient university – a similar age to Oxford and Cambridge.)

Heidelberg was half an hour’s train ride from Eberbach and, while the ticket for one person seemed expensive at €18 return, a ticket for two was only an extra €4. We were both very impressed by the city, particularly when we took the funicular railway up to the castle and wandered around the gardens. The views over the city, the river, the hills and out to the much wider and flatter Rhine valley were stunning.

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