Dieppe to Deutschland

1/7/18. Today was the day when we finally finished the crossing of France by cycling the few kilometres from the centre of Strasbourg to the The  Rhine and across a new bridge into Germany. But first Christine had her ‘pill day’ consisting of 2 hours sitting still before we headed to the cathedral where Stephen enjoyed a couple of coffees in a pretty square whilst Christine attended the morning service. She loved the stunning singing and organ playing in the beautiful old building.

It’s now a good time to reflect on the last 2½ weeks crossing France.

First and foremost, we have had a great time! We would thoroughly recommend the Marne valley and the Marne-Rhine Canal as a cycle route from Paris to Germany. Or even as a driving route.

It is almost two years since we were last in France, other than a couple of days in Alsace (not  “real” France quite yet, even though it is becoming less Germanic every time we visit) last year. We have visited old friends, Marie-Claire and Christian, and seen parts of the country, Champagne and Lorraine, which we haven’t been to before.

The weather has helped. We had drizzle on the first afternoon out of Dieppe and a few spots the next morning. Other than that we have had blue skies all the way and, although there have been a few moans about the wind (well, quite a lot really!) It has been good in keeping us cool when it might have become unbearably hot.

We have enjoyed the bread, the cheese and the wine. The French ambience has been great. We have found the campsites to be extremely reasonable but do fear for the future viability of some of them and most of them have toilets that leave something to be desired! (Why, oh why, do so many not supply seats and paper for goodness’ sake?)

The countryside has been generally pretty rather than spectacular, other than our brief foray into the Vosges, but we have enjoyed it. In fact it has been such a lovely cycle that Christine is already thinking how good it would be to do the ‘Velodyssey’, a cycle route from Brittany down the west coast to Spain. We passed many barges and boats and even a few cruises, but having looked at the prices will definitely stick to our bikes (>$6000 for a 6 night cruise through Champagne). We were delighted at the number of storks we saw, with the highlight being 8 in one field! We both enjoyed speaking French and felt we got more fluent the longer we were there. Now we have to suddenly flick a switch and change to German.

Tomorrow we intend to take the train up into the Black Forest, as one of us refuses to cycle up into the mountains!

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