Thoughts on Finland

16/7/17. We have been reflecting on our time in Finland- a period of about 5 weeks. We have really enjoyed ourselves and feel that we have had a really good look at the country but it is now time to move on. Although we have had a few moans about things (principally the drivers in the south and the mosquitoes) they are heavily outweighed by the plus points.

Things We Liked

  • Lapland. It was definitely the highlight – so remote and unspoiled and beautiful.
  • The trees and the lakes. If you don’t like these, do NOT come to Finland!
  • The campsites. Almost every one was in a stunning location, generally on the shores of a beautiful lake.
  • The long evenings and extremely short nights. It was always daylight when we went to bed and it was interesting to wake at 11.30 or 3.00 and find the sun still shining. We haven’t seen real darkness since we left the UK.
  • The reindeer, although we didn’t see any with red noses.
  • The Finnish people. They can appear quite dour and reserved but their nature is to let other people get on with their lives without interference. Underneath it they are friendly and helpful.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some of the drivers in southern Finland came far too close at high speed.
  • The mosquitoes and other insects were insufferable on a couple of occasions when wild camping. At “formal” campsites they were much less of an issue.
  • There were many times when the undulating roads were unrelenting. We would crest a rise to be faced with a series of two or three more small ups and downs going off into the distance.

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