Back in Blighty Again

22/8/17. The ferry trip was yet another one of mill pond calmness (thank goodness says Christine) but otherwise unexciting. We had booked the campsite a couple of weeks beforehand and it was only 3 or 4 km from the ferry port, albeit via what must be one of the very few hills in Essex. It was located in the garden of a pub and was extremely busy – when a group of 5 Dutch motorcyclists turned up at about 10 o’clock it was starting to get “cosy”.

On Sunday morning Christine reverted to her normal travelling-by-train mode to ensure we caught our train from Paddington to Taunton (with mandatory bike reservations) at 2 pm. This required us to get up at 6.30 a.m. to arrive at Harwich station nearly an hour before the first train to London left to ensure we had enough time to cycle across London (because we might get lost in the Big Smoke!). As a result we had a two hour wait at Paddington! Which at least gave us time to get lunch!

Taunton is where Christine’s parents live and where our car was waiting for us. So we had a very pleasant couple of nights with them before heading up to north Wales to see Conal and Tamsin (our son and daughter in law) who were back from Bahrain for a couple of weeks. They were staying at the Rees-Jones family holiday home and it was lovely to see her parents, Diana and Hywel, again too. We were joined by Alaric and Annabelle too.

While we were there we were delighted to receive an email from our solicitor with a copy of the Possession Order from the High Court requiring our tenants to vacate our house by this coming Friday! That will “only” be 4 months after the lease officially ended! We are just hoping that they have enough common sense to realize that “the game” is up now and that they do, indeed, get out. (They seem to have a sense of entitlement that the world exists to fit in around their needs and everyone else will adjust to accommodate them.)

Last weekend was spent back in our old haunt of Southampton meeting some of the many friends and relatives in the area while joining a golden wedding celebration.

On Sunday afternoon we headed back to north Wales as Diana and Hywel have very kindly said we can use the house (which is on the lovely Lleyn Peninsula near Criccieth and Porthmadog) for the week where we are keeping our fingers crossed that we get our house back.

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