Down Came the Rain

12/7/17.  The rain continued intermittently throughout the night – at least at the times we were awake – but when we woke there were, on a positive note, no drumming noises on the tent. A quick poke of the nose outside quickly dispelled any optimism. It was a gloomy, grey day in the best traditions of a British summer! There was no way Christine was going cycling on a day like that if she didn’t have to – and even Stephen was going to see if things improved before throwing his leg over the crossbar! The blast to the coast was going to have to wait a day, at least.

Things did not improve! By the time we had both made our way to the kitchen the rain had set in and it went on and on and on! We had pitched the tent in an idyllic spot down from the main part of the campsite, very close to the lake shore. However, when Stephen went to get his wash things and towel to have a “morning sauna” it was starting to get squelchy underfoot close to the tent.

We started to have thoughts of the “exciting” night in Japan when we had to evacuate the tent at 4 in the morning to avoid floating away (see Drying Out) and so took it in turns to inspect the state of the ground at half hour intervals. By lunchtime, there were puddles pretty much all round the tent but, amazingly, we had put it on a piece of ground a few centimetres higher than the surrounding area (a complete contrast to Japan where we managed to do the opposite!)

Old site in Kouvola.

We decided to quit while we were ahead and move the tent about 30 metres away to higher ground which, of course, involved packing everything away first.

House move in progress!
New site in Kouvola

We were just grateful to have the kitchen area to sit in while the rain fell – such a contrast to the day spent in the tent in Donaueschingen in Germany 2 years ago (see What a Difference a Day Makes) when Stephen almost went stir-crazy.

The rain continued for the rest of the afternoon but just after 6 o’clock the sky started to get a bit brighter and by 7 Stephen was of off on his bike to the supermarket for supplies of yoghurt, fruit juice, peanuts and beer!

The forecast for tomorrow. Thursday, looks much more promising so we are hopeful of completing our journey to the Baltic.

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