Off We Go Again

6/6/17. Well, we’re off to Kirkenes in northern Norway tomorrow morning. Neither of us feel ready – when we booked the flights (very reasonable by the way at £150 each including bike for a destination served only by one airline) it seemed to be “weeks” away, so we faffed around. Then we had a long weekend away over the Bank Holiday and suddenly it was upon us.

It was a strange feeling. It felt as though there was a lot to do (we’re off for at least a couple of months, somewhere new, the weather looks decidedly chilly – see below – and we will not be returning to Didcot as our son and his girlfriend are moving to the East Midlands in August) and yet, at the same time, not very much (we’ve still got all the camping and biking “stuff” together and 95% of our possessions are in storage).

But we’re going whether we’re ready or not!

The weather in Kirkenes. For the last week or more the web has been showing high temperatures of 3 or 4°C and lows below freezing. Granted, the forecasts showed them slowly rising to 13 or 14 by the time of our arrival but predictions of 5 and 6° turned into actual of 3 or 4° so we were sceptical. Stephen’s response was “Well, we will just have to pedal south quickly!” Christine was not impressed.

However, yesterday (Monday) showed 8° and this morning the temperature was into double figures! With luck we may not need the warm clothing (hats, gloves, leggings, etc.) that we are taking with us.

As Kirkenes is 400 km north of the Arctic Circle we will be in the Land of the Midnight Sun, a first for Stephen but not for Christine as she spent 3 weeks north of the Arctic Circle when she was a student in which time the sun didn’t set.

Meanwhile back in Tadworth our tenants will be enjoying the summer in OUR house! The b******s!

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  1. Keep smiling both!
    Gosh, the weather today is rubbish in Epsom – it’s raining hard & the wind blowing like crazy – and feels colder than 14 degrees!
    How very adventurous – if it’s too cold, you’ll have to warm up in a sauna!
    Safe travels.X

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