Books Read Update

Stephen has updated his list of books read here.

We can both thoroughly recommend two books that cover cycling journeys in this part of the world.

Firstly, Andrew Sykes’ “Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie” in which he details his journey from the southernmost point of Europe, Talifa in Spain, to the northernmost at Nordkapp, which is even nearer the Pole than Kirkenes where we started from. There is a lovely passage about why he wrote his blog/diary which sums up at least one of the reasons why we write this stream of consciousness – it’s the only way of remembering all of the experiences we are having because there are so many that there isn’t room for them all in our brains and some fall out of the other end!

The other is Tim Moore’s “The Cyclist Who Went Out In The Cold” about his journey along the Eurovelo 13 cycle route from Norway to Bulgaria, the first part of which we are following. The main difference is that he started his trip in March when the temperature was in the negative teens. And we think it’s chilly in the middle of June. In addition he used an old shopping bike from the GDR. He is seriously insane! However, the book is absolutely hilarious (as are the other two books of his which we have read).

We would heartedly recommend both of these even for non cyclists (and you never know – they may inspire you to set off like us!)

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