Welcome Home. Not.

24/4/17. We arrived in Southampton on Saturday and were kicked off the boat early (presumably so they could start the preparations for the next voyage immediately). As a consequence we had a wait for our son Alaric who kindly drove down to pick us up. We stopped off in Chandler’s Ford to have a coffee and a brief catch up with Stephen’s sister Jo before heading to Didcot to stay for a few days with Alaric and Annabelle until the tenants leave our house when the lease ends on Wednesday.

This morning (Monday) we received a call from the estate agents who have been managing the lease for us to say that an email had arrived saying that they (the tenants) would not be leaving as planned and they would be staying until the end of July as their own house (being rebuilt following a fire) is not finished! The barefaced cheek of it!

Towards the end of January they did ask for an extension of the lease either until July or some indeterminate date in May or June (the “story” kept changing). We made it clear that we wanted the house back at the end of April and would not extend beyond. However, it appears they will not take “No” for an answer! So we are intending to take legal action but it seems that it normally takes 6-10 weeks to evict tenants from when notice of proceedings is issued.

Ho hum.

We are calling them all sorts of rude names because we want to be in the house so we can make as much of the vegetable growing season as possible.

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