Cyclists are a Menace!

20/4/17. Between Lisbon and our next stop, Bilbao, we had another sea day giving the opportunity for another bridge session with Marc and Ron followed by afternoon tea.

We had both visited Bilbao before, Stephen on several occasions for business, and like it very much. So again we had no particular plans -just spending the day walking around enjoying the atmosphere and being in the 35th country of our 2 year jaunt around the world.

In addition, Stephen had arranged to meet Fátima, a former work colleague, who lives in the town where the ship docked. We had drinks and a lovely chat in a small restaurant overlooking the harbour where the ship was docked.

When it was time to return to the ship we stepped out onto the promenade just as a cyclist came along the cycle path that comprised half the promenade. He was going at a fair lick and just missed Stephen and then Fátima before ploughing into Christine. Both of them ended up on the floor, Christine sprawled on top of the bike.

Not surprisingly, she was very shaken up by this and sat down for 10 minutes to get over the shock. This done she headed to the toilet in the restaurant to see what had caused the marks that had appeared on the front of her trousers near the top of her leg. She discovered a deep hole in her leg – which immediately brought a return of the shock, dizziness and being very squeamish, she subsequently managed to faint!

Fátima drove us to the ship where we grabbed a wheelchair and she was wheeled down to the medical centre where the doctor inserted 5 stitches in the wound.  She is hobbling a little but is OK and, thankfully, not in much pain.

Oh the irony of it! We have spent such a long time riding bikes around the world and then, just before the end, one of us is clattered by a cyclist.

Incidentally the cyclist was equally shaken but seemingly only had a couple of minor grazes. Christine is not angry with him even though he was going too fast for the conditions. The doorway from the restaurant opens straight onto the cycle path and we were hidden from his sight, and he from ours by a pillar until the very last moment. Another not brilliantly designed cycle lane.  Hopefully next time he will slow down a bit!


  1. My heart is about stop after.
    I read the journal diarry.( ̄□ ̄;)!!

    Extremity worried. (。>д<)
    How is the condition of the injury
    Do you have Steven injury ?

    Sorry I can not do anything.。Σ(ノд<)

    1. Hi Satoru & Asa. Christine is doing well – she is not in pain and the wound is clean and healing nicely. The cyclist managed to miss both our friend and me. We hope you are both well.

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