Back in the USA

18/3/17. (With apologies to The Beatles!) The flight from Chetumal to Houston was uneventful apart from our confusion over changing time zones.  Mexico City, where we had a 2.5 hour “layover”, is an hour behind both Chetumal and Houston (which has just put the clocks forward).

Immigration clearance took more than an hour (an unpleasant reminder of experiences at Heathrow!) but we were grateful that Trump’s latest travel ban, which was supposed to start on the day we travelled, had been deferred by a judge in Hawaii.

Sheila, one half of our WarmShowers hosts who had been looking after our bikes and other belongings while we were in Central America, had very kindly offered to pick us up and amazingly managed to judge our immigration clearance time and her negotiation of the traffic jam in the airport almost to perfection so that we waited no more than 5 minutes before we saw her waving as the car pulled into the pickup area.

We were very grateful to her and Robin for their hospitality and the opportunity to spend the next day (Friday) getting our heads straight for the last three weeks in the States before getting on the cruise back home.

In thinking about how to get back to Florida, we had considered and dismissed flying (a bit of a hassle and always a bit of a risk with bikes),Greyhound bus (we couldn’t see whether they would take bikes or not) and the train (bizarrely we would need to go via Chicago and New York and pack the bikes in boxes).

In the end we decided on a “road trip” in a hired car and, rather than go back over the coastal route we cycled, we are going to head inland a bit so we see a little of Oklahoma and Arkansas (states we are unlikely to have the opportunity to visit again).

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