We have mentioned on several occasions that we spend quite a lot of time listening to podcasts. We thought we would share the list of those that one or other of us (and sometimes both) listen to.


  • The History of England. 220+ episodes and counting! Starting with the Anglo Saxons it has reached the early Tudors. Tremendous fun delivered with dry English humour and frequent references to “the rough end of a pineapple”.
  • The History of Rome. 150 episodes by an American professor. References to Alaric the Visigoth of particular interest to us and our oldest!
  • Presidential. An episode devoted to each of the 44 presidents in the run up to the 2016 election. From the Washington Post.
  • The History of Mathematics. From a 2011 BBC radio programme by Marcus de Sautoy. 10 episodes of 15 minutes focussing on great mathematicians.
  • Revolutions. By the author of the History of Rome, so far covering the English Civil War, The American War of Independence and the French Revolution.
  • The History of English. Brilliant podcast about the development of English from its earliest origins.
  • History Extra Podcast. Weekly history podcast.

Current Affairs & Business

  • From Our Own Correspondent. The BBC Radio 4 programme in downloadable form.
  • Wake Up To Money. The BBC Radio 5Live programme in downloadable form.
  • The Economist Radio. 4 or 5 shows each week from the magazine.
  • Money Box. The Radio 4 programme on personal finance.
  • 5Live Consumer Team. BBC programme with Martin Lewis.
  • Lucy Kellaway. Short (4 or 5 minutes) column from the FT columnist who shares our abhorrence of managementspeak gobbledygook!


  • Velocast. Weekly plus daily coverage of major races. Subscription required but worth it if road cycling is your “bag”.
  • This Week In Cycling History. Comes with the Velocast subscription.
  • The Cycling Podcast. Weekly podcast from 3 respected cycling journalists with daily coverage of the 3 grand tours. Free but extra “special shows” available by subscription.
  • Bespoke. Intermittent BBC show with daily coverage during Tour de France.
  • ITV Tour de France. Daily highlights of the TdF.
  • The Spokesmen. Fortnightly round table discussion of a variety of aspects of cycling. Tends to be US-centric and can be overly long.
  • The Rouleur Podcast. Summary of each edition of the magazine Rouleur.
  • Cycling Central. Australian TV channel with focus on riders from Down Under.
  • Cycling News. Occasional shows with daily highlights from TdF.
  • The Bike Show. Occasional shows with an emphasis on touring cycling.


  • The Archers. BBC Radio 4 soap/docu-drama.
  • Dum Tee Dum. Hilarious weekly review/homage to The Archers.

Other Sport

  • Test Match Special. The daily summary of England’s test matches from the BBC with Jonathan Agnew and Geoffrey Boycott.
  • Leicester Tigers. The rugby team from the city of Stephen’s birth.
  • The Tennis Podcast. Daily updates from the major tournaments.


  • Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review. The flagship movie review show from the BBC. (And “hello” to Jason Isaacs.)
  • Gardeners’ Question Time. The BBC Radio 4 programme in downloadable form.
  • In Our Time. The BBC Radio 4 programme in downloadable form.
  • More Or Less. The BBC Radio 4 programme that “gets behind the numbers in the news” in downloadable form.
  • Ramblings. Occasional series about walking by Clare Balding from the BBC.
  • The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry. BBC show answering semi-scientific questions such as “Is a spider’s web the strongest substance in the world?” in downloadable form.
  • The PC Pro Podcast. Fortnightly show discussing computer related news from the PC magazine.
  • 5Live science podcast. Twice weekly look at science
  • Costing the Earth. The BBC radio 4 programme about the environment.
  • From our own correspondent. The BBC radio 4 programme with stories from around the world.
  • Crossing Continents. Another BBC radio 4 programme with stories from around the world.
  • The Food Programme. The BBC radio 4 programme about (surprise, surprise!) food.
  • Sunday. The BBC Radio 4 programme Looking at the world with a religious perspective.
  • Prairie Home Companion. Weekly news from Lake Woebegone, Minnesota with Garrison Keillor.
  • Desert Island Discs. The BBC Radio 4 programme. What would be your choice?
  • Godpod. A monthlyish theology podcast.

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