A Change of Plan

2/2/17. Towards the end of our 10 day sojourn in Costa Rica Christine got to thinking about what we should do next.  Once we had nixed the plan of riding right the way across (due to the near certainty of snow in the passes over the Rockies) the objective became riding to Houston.

Now we’ve ticked that box. The thought was then to cycle down the Texas coast towards Mexico and then waft around inland until it was time to go back to Florida. But it all seemed a little pointless – just passing time until we caught the cruise (and, if we’re being honest, the thought of those dogs in Texas was rather off-putting).

Her thought was that, because we’ve been so impressed with Costa Rica, why not explore more of Central America? We kicked the idea around for a few hours and both decided it was the more appealing alternative, so a quick email to Robin and Sheila (who are giving our bikes and most of our stuff a home while we are here) was fired off asking if they minded storing them for a bit longer. Once they replied in the affirmative our minds were made up.

We “burned” the tickets on this afternoon’s flight back to Houston (not literally) and went into “making arrangements” mode (we are back in San Jose, the capital of CR, by the way). As a result we are now proud possessors of bus tickets from here to Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean coast of Panama and (because we may need to demonstrate onward travel before being allowed into the country) also from Panama City to Managua in Nicaragua. We expect to spend about a week in Panama (the ticket to Nicaragua is “open”). We will be following in our daughter Eleri’s footsteps as she visited these three countries in the summer of 2015 – but she was much braver than us as she was on her own!

Once we get to Managua we’ll see how we’re doing and either see some of the other countries or return to Houston.

(PS Stephen is definitely missing his bike!)

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