Houston. Hooray!

21/1/17. For months now we have been saying we are cycling from Fort Lauderdale to Houston. No longer – because we are here!  Unfortunately there was no convenient sign saying “Welcome to Houston”, at least on the road we were on so there is no photo to prove it so you will have to take our word for it.

When we woke on Saturday morning the rain had stopped but it was misty so there seemed little prospect of the tent drying quickly. A further, and more important (for Stephen at least), consideration behind our early departure was that we only had a couple of bananas and some energy bars for breakfast.

The main feature of the road was the increasing amount of Spanish signage that we saw. There had been some the previous day but that was pretty much the first sign of the Hispanic influence we have seen (there wasn’t much in the parts of Florida through which we cycled, as we didn’t go into Miami).

There was one other sign which we will not describe but which prompted some smutty schoolboy sniggering from Stephen. (It can be seen here for those of you who are of a similar ilk!)

We soon arrived in the northern suburb of Kingwood (near the airport) where we are staying for the next two nights before flying to Costa Rica for 10 days. We made for a convenient Starbucks for celebratory drinks and cake and, while catching up on wifi “stuff”, were approached by a group of Brits (plus “token” Aussie), Alison, Peter, Simon and Dave (I hope I remembered all the names correctly – it is one of the perils of getting old!) who had seen the Brooks saddles on our bikes and guessed that we must be British. We had a long and very pleasant chat with them about our travels and how they find living in Houston.

In early afternoon we made our way to our WarmShowers hosts Sheila and Robin and were made extremely welcome, as ever.

Now we have to prepare ourselves for the Costa Rica jaunt for which we feel nowhere near ready! There is a little bit of shopping to be done but the issue is more a mental one – we are going on a “normal” holiday and leaving our bikes behind. How will we cope? Will they miss us?

2 thoughts on “Houston. Hooray!”

  1. Congrats Stephen and Christine! You made it through “Trump”ville safely and completed your journey. Have a great time in Costa Rica. Pura Vida! (you’ll understand when you get there) If you are ever near Melbourne, FL, be sure to give me a shout. I am still planning my Northern European bicycle excursion and may catch up with you on the other side.

    All the best,

    Jon Baker (I met y’all at a beach park near Melbourne, FL while on my daily ride)

    1. Hi Jon,

      Good to hear from you. We’ll certainly give you a shout if we’re near Melbourne. The same applies to you if you’re near us (Surrey – just to the south of London). Get in touch through WarmShowers (worth checking out if you don’t know it) or email (steve at stevehsmith dot co dot uk) or Twitter (@CycleGBCoast).

      Christine & Steve

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