I Hate This Country! I Wish I Had Not Come Here!

12/12/16. A rant from Christine following an incident when she was attacked by a dog. Thankfully the only damage was to her nerves and some scratches on both her rear panniers.

  1. ******* dogs! And the ******* owners who cannot control their “dogs” .
  2. Two out of three church experiences have been horrible in a country that espouses Christian values.
  3. Almost 50% of the electorate chose a misogynist, racist as president.
  4. And don’t get me started on the post office!!!!

There are mitigating factors of course.

  1. Whenever we have stayed in someone”s home they have been vehemently anti-Trump.
  2. Their dogs have been generally well-behaved and friendly.
  3. Motorists have been far more considerate and respectful of cyclists than we had been led to believe would be the case.
  4. The church in Ormond Beach was really friendly and just as welcoming as one could hope for.

Christine may recover her equilibrium in a day or two.

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