Baby, It’s Cold Outside

19/12/16.  When we woke on Monday morning it was even colder than the forecast had predicted at 3°C rather than 7. When we were checking out of the hotel the lady clearly thought we were bonkers.

And not long after starting we both thought she was right! Even Stephen who has been known to go riding in the snow at home. The wind was blowing from the north all the way from Canada and, although not strong, cut right through us.

After about 12 km we spied some “golden arches” and popped in to warm up over a coffee and hot chocolate. Thankfully the heating was not cranked right up so going out again wasn’t too much of a shock.

Another 12 km further on we arrived at the town of Navarre. At this point Stephen suggested taking a room at one of the hotels we had just passed, even though we had arranged a Warmshowers stay for the night. Christine didn’t take any persuading so we dived into another convenient McD to look at the options and to contact our host, Charlie.

Within seconds of us sending the message Charlie was offering to drive the 20 miles to pick us up. How wonderful is that? We just love Warmshowers and the people we have met through this “organisation”. Without exception they have been so friendly and hospitable people who cannot do enough to help their guests.

Incidentally, Christine is back in love with America, even before Charlie’s great offer, having had a much better church experience at the Lutheran church in Fort Walton Beach yesterday.

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