Happy Birthday Christine

22/11/16. Many happy returns to Christine on her xxth birthday (where xx is a number a little bit bigger than 21!) It hasn’t been a particularly special day for her as we had to cycle 12 km before we could get breakfast – at a Subway. Stephen really knows how to give a girl a good time huh?

We then cycled another 35 km to our overnight campsite just outside Melbourne (not that one). However, the site has laid on a special evening for Christine as it is “Lightfest” which means that the park in which the site is located will be lit up with lots of Christmas/Thanksgiving lights!

While stopped, once looking at the sea and once for food shopping (including a birthday cake which Christine demolished in one sitting despite it saying it comprised 2 servings!), we got chatting with two lovely people. Firstly there was Jon who has aspirations to go cycling round the world himself when he retires. (Go for it, Jon. We can thoroughly recommend it.) And then Susan from North Carolina who asked if she could pray for us.

Yesterday (Monday) was an easy day as we did just over 30 km to reach our first US campsite at Sebastian Inlet. As we arrived there at lunchtime, we went our separate ways for a couple of hours. Christine caught up on her walking around the inlet observing the abundant birdlife (pelicans and ospreys included) while Stephen did the obvious combined with a dip in the Atlantic which was a whole lot warmer than it is when it hits British shores.

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