Florida So Far


  • It is hot, and flat
  • The countryside is quite frankly pretty dull.
  • The cycling hasn’t been great so far with a lot of it on busy roads, with cycle lanes, along built up areas.
  • In general the provision for cycling with painted cycle lanes and miles of good pavements, or sidewalks, if you prefer, has been far better than we had anticipated!
  • We imagine the air quality in Florida is terrible as it has felt like cycling in the centre of London all the way so far.
  • The people are very friendly. Lots of interest in what we are doing and wanting to chat. Lovely.
  • The birds are brilliant. Lots of them including ospreys, cranes, pelicans, woodpeckers, cormorants and numerous others.
  • Seeing a rocket go across the sky just after take off from Cape Canaveral was really exciting.

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