Continuing Northwards

25/11/16. We have continued our slow progress north over the last three days spending the Thanksgiving holiday (including a rest/ laundry day) at a campsite just south of Titusville. With uninterrupted views across the river/lagoon of Cape Canaveral this would offer a spectacular sight of rockets taking off.

Wednesday’s riding got off to an uninspiring start through residential areas before landing us back on US1. However, after half a mile or so we turned off right down to the river and followed a lovely quiet road through Rockledge. The houses along here were much nicer than most that we have seen – large but less ostentatious (far fewer “classical” columns, a particular bugbear of Stephen’s) perhaps because they seemed older. This is, of course, a comparative term as we passed the equivalent of a blue plaque on a house dating back to the 1870s. Incidentally, one of our Warmshowers hosts was telling us about the phenomenal population growth in South Florida (around Miami) from something like 5,000 in 1900 to 6 million nowadays. Wowser!

After Rockledge we came to the pretty little town of Cocoa where we stopped for lunch before continuing along the river’s edge past more large houses (slightly newer, more columns but no completely OTT).

We gave turkey a miss on Thanksgiving – it’s a bit difficult to roast on a one ring gas burner – and went for the less traditional pasta and tomato sauce!

Friday promised to be a bit of a slog as the route followed US1 all the way to our destination of Edgewater. However, once past Titusville, it was much more pleasant than anticipated as the road became much less busy and the scenery was rural for long stretches (reminding us a little of Australia at one point). The houses seemed poorer (perhaps because they were fronting the highway rather than the river) and there were more Trump/Pence posters (dispiritingly, we are moving towards his heartland).

Oh. And we didn’t have a headwind!

At one point we came across a large (at least 12 inches) tortoise heading towards the highway. We gingerly helped it turn round before getting on our way, so hopefully it survived. There was a reasonable shoulder along most of the route so we didn’t feel intimidated by the traffic until the last 2 or 3 miles into Edgewater where it appeared that some bright spark had decided to turn the shoulder into a sort of rumble strip to wake dozing motorists by chopping up the surface. This made it unrideable and we had to use the main carriageway where the speeding drivers did not welcome us, probably not understanding why we were not in the safety of the shoulder.

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  1. Hello Lovelies,
    Gorgeous early winter morning. My adventure today will be ‘tip’ visit with 10 bags of leaves! Christmas lights adorn the living room to cheer dark evenings. Yesterday Jan and I were invited to EMC newcomers lunch, very enjoyable despite not being very new. Think of you often.
    Love, Maureen and Jan xxx

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