A Year On

24/11/16. A year ago we set off for New Zealand on the second stage of our travels (post broken arm). In that time we have:-

  • Cycled 8,000 km (more for Stephen with his rides on “days off”).
  • Visited 12 countries (NZ, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, USA) on our bikes and 3 others (St Maarten, St Martin and St Kitts) plus 2 US “territories” (Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands) as stops on the cruise.
  • Met some lovely people which has reaffirmed our faith in basic human goodness.
  • Had this faith rocked by political events!
  • Spent 185 nights (more than 50%) sleeping in a tent.
  • Discovered that cruise ships are a wonderful way of travelling from A to B for not much money.
  • Eaten loads of pasta and tomato sauce.

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