Pendon Museum

This afternoon we walked to Long Wittenham (using the National Cycle route 5 which goes within 200 yards of the house – and, yes, walked because Christine Is waiting for her pet mechanic to reconstruct her bike!) to visit the Pendon Museum.

This museum has three large models of parts of Britain as it was in the 1920s and 30s. They are not representations of actual places but use copies of real buildings which are not necessarily grouped together as in reality. They all have working model railways at the heart of them – which sounds “anoraky” but honestly is not! The detail on the models and their surroundings is just stunning – a bicycle upside down having a puncture repaired, vegetable patches with rows of plants, washing hung out to dry, rabbits emerging from a warren, birds in the trees, even a mirror (made from real glass) 2 millimetres by 2 millimetres behind the bar in the pub.

If you are in the neighbourhood of Didcot and Abingdon then this is well worth a visit.

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