6/9/16. We failed to make France today. But only just! We are about 5 km short. It was gone 5 as we approached the border and we came across a good looking campsite so decided to stop, hunger pangs getting the better of Stephen in particular!

We had made slower progress than expected because (a) we made a later start than usual through a combination of later opening supermarkets (for breakfast rolls) compounded by messing about rying to downliad podcasts on a ropey wifi connection and (b) we went on a wild goose chase following cycle route signs that depended on a ferry that now only runs at weekends! Grrrrr!

Apart from these hiccups we had a lovely day. Occasionally the route was alongside the major coastal road, but there were long stretches along the promenade looking out over lovely golden sands (which were quite empty – it is September after all!) or on quiet roads running parallel to the main road. And, of course, it was still pan flat. It was 20 km before we had even climbed a single metre!

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