Lübeck to Hamburg

1/8/16. We woke to unsettled weather on Monday morning. Because we had a Warmshowers bed for the night and were returning to the UK on Tuesday we wanted to pack the tent away in a dry state which proved somewhat problematic as, a couple of times, a short shower returned just before the wind had completely dried the tent after previous one.

It was well past 10 when we were ready to go and we were faced with a longish day into the wind. And, of course, after we had done about 10 km the rain returned, heavier than before. We carried on for a while with Christine increasingly cheesed off until we reached Bad Oldesloe where she “bailed’ at the station to take the drier option.

Of course, this was the signal for the rain to stop and what turned out to be a pleasant afternoon’s ride for Stephen. He arrived at the house about quarter of an hour after Christine who had a very leisurely walk/ride from the main station in Hamburg alongside the Alstersee.

Heike and Volker were wonderful Warmshowers hosts (are there any bad ones? We have yet to find one – thankfully!) making us most welcome and giving us a lovely dinner and another opportunity to talk bikes.

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