Dreech on the Dyke

19-22/8/16. We found a map covering the last stretch of the coast to The Netherlands in Wilhelmshaven which comforted Christine enormously. She does not feel happy not being able to see where she is or where she is heading. Stephen has the Garmin which, while not good for planning a long route, is great for the immediate locality and short distances.

The last few days have been fairly unremarkable with more extremely flat landscape but the wind often making cycling more difficult than it needs to be. One of the campsites was absolutely enormous – it felt as though there were thousands of caravans, both permanent and visitors, and hundreds of mobile homes – and yet we could not see what attracted so many people. The facilities were OK but not great. It was not expensive, but not cheap either. The location was nice enough but not spectacular. There were no major tourist attractions nearby (at least as far as we could ascertain). There were other sites within easy driving distance.

On Saturday afternoon we enjoyed cycling with a very pleasant young lady from Oxfordshire, Maike, who has been riding around Europe on her own for the last 4½ months and seems to have covered huge distances (from UK to Serbia, then up to the north of Finland). She is doing this on a budget of €5 per day and has spent only one night in a proper campsite. She majes us looks like glamping softies!

The weather has taken a turn for the worse with Christine getting absolutely soaked walking back from church yesterday and then it has rained pretty much all day today. We had been intending to take the ferry from Emden to The Netherlands in the afternoon, only to discover it only runs on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and, with no campsite nearby that we can see on maps or apps, we have “bailed” to a hotel to dry out!

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  1. What an adventure you are having..! Interesting photos along the way. Kit Kat looked rather odd, you were brave to eat it. Hope you continue to enjoy travels

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