We Take a Detour

18/7/16. The information we have to hand showed no campsites between Prenzlau and the coast, about 75 km away, so we were anticipating a long day. As a result we were both in bed early (around 8 o’clock!). Stephen awoke some time later, feeling he had been asleep for ages, to the sound of children playing and it was daylight. He looked at the time to see how early it was. 6.30? 6.00?? 5.30??? Only to discover it was 9.05. PM!!! He soon went back to sleep.

Stephen’s bike needed a little bit of attention which required access to a tool he does not have with him (a chain whip for the cognoscenti) so he wanted to be at the local bike shop when it opened at 9 o’clock the next morning.  Christine made a beeline for the tourist info office to use the wifi while Stephen sorted his bike (and, incidentally, was given the precious Slovenian €1 coin referred to in the previous short post) in change for the €2 charge for the use of the tool and a little bit of labour as assistance.

We set off through more lovely rural countryside – farming country rather than woodlands – and caught up with a German couple Stephen had spoken to at the bike shop while they were getting a pedal fixed. We cycled with them for a few km nattering away until we reached the top of a gentle but long hill which afforded a good view of the surrounding area. We had been seeing quite a few wind turbines recently and from this hill top around 200 were visible!

Reaching the town of Pasewalk, about half way, at lunch time, Christine aired the thought that we could go to Stettin (in Poland) as it was close by, probably more as a way of chalking up another country on our trip than a real desire to see Stettin if truth be told! We considered camping about 8 km out of town and making a day trip by train or bike on Tuesday but decided to go the whole hog and take the train (with the bikes) that afternoon staying in a cheap hotel.

Once checked in to the hotel we set off on the 7 km self-guided walking tour recommended by the tourist info office as taking in all the highlights of Stettin. We were impressed by the amount of daylight and the lovely stained glass windows of the modern cathedral and the beautiful restoration of a very large house as we completed the first half of the walk, before being distracted by the siren call of a pizzeria!


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