Germany, Here We Come!

11/7/16. Monday was a quiet day, not straying far from the hotel while we finished packing and resolved the problem of getting the bikes to the airport.

The reception staff were adamant that the bike boxes were too big to take on the shuttle bus. Fair enough (perhaps – surely it depends on how many other passengers there are? We accept that there can be no guarantees of space. But to be so dogmatic?)

It got worse when we asked about taxis (large ones, of course). “They need to be booked a week in advance”. When we ashed them to phone to arrange for an hour’s time we were told they were all fully booked. For goodness sake!!!

Eventually a solution was reached whereby the shuttle bus took us to the international terminal on Monday evening (the bus normally only takes guests TO the airport in the morning and brings them FROM the airport in the evening – no exceptions!). We then left the bikes in Left Luggage overnight and will pick them up in the morning.

(Just as an aside, between 10 and 20% of the taxis hanging around the airport were large ones which could have taken the bikes comfortably! Grrrrr!)

2 thoughts on “Germany, Here We Come!”

  1. Thank you very much for this interesting evening with you. It was great and I am very sorry, because I am too old for such a good journey round the world.
    I wish you the best for you and your familiy und keep in good health – and be happy together.
    Inge Aschenbach

    1. Glad you enjoyed the evening. We did too! It was great fun for us. We enjoyed meeting you. It is also lovely to be back in Germany. Do follow our travels and keep in touch!

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