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Lee has asked what are our plans for this leg so here goes.

Christine’s sister, Lynn, is getting married near Bristol at the end of September and neither of us want to miss seeing her and Clair get “hitched”. That is our major objective.

We are intending to have a relatively leisurely ride from Berlin, up to the Baltic coast (already achieved), across northern Germany via Hamburg, into The Netherlands and Belgium (meeting up with a couple of Stephen’s former work colleagues for dinner, hopefully) and then into France probably catching the ferry from Dieppe to Newhaven in mid September.

We will be taking a 5 day break early in August, flying back to the UK from Hamburg, to meet up with Conal and Tamsin (son and d-in-l) who we haven’t seen since they moved to Bahrain a year ago and Alaric and Annabelle (other son and girlfriend) who live in Didcot.

We may make a diversion up to Esbjerg in Denmark before riding down the North Sea coast of Germany to humour our completionist natures as, several years ago, we cycled with the children from there up the west coast of Denmark to the “top”.

Our plans for after the wedding are still up in the air. The house is let until the beginning of December so we have nowhere to go back to! There is the possibility of extending the lease until early in the new year as the tenants’ house will not be complete by December and this is being discussed at present.

Where we go in October will partly depend on whether it is for 2 months or 6 but there are several possibilities for each option. If anyone has any suggestions please post them as comments.

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  1. Such a great question it deserved a separate post! Say hi to the ex-work colleagues from me, and tell Guy to stop moaning (which no doubt he is about something). Oh, and my grandparents used to live in Didcot- on that exciting note I will get back to reading the blog!

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