Christine Revisits an Old Haunt

30&31/7/16. The campsite in Lübeck is much more our sort if place! It is a reasonable price for a start (€16.50 compared to up €30 we have paid at a holiday park). It is also a place that feels more transitory as most people seem to spend only a night or two here (which is somewhat ironic as we are here for 3 nights because of pill day and church services!) as Travemünde (about 10 km away) is a major ferry port for services to Sweden and Finland.

The range of nationalities here is also very wide as we have seen cars from 12 different countries – Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Britain, Switzerland, Austria and even Slovenia! We also met up with two British cyclists on the first night. We think they were the first Brits we have spoken to since on the cruise in early May (other than when in transit at Heathrow, that is)!

On Saturday we took the train to an area where Christine worked in a restaurant during the summer vacation after her first year at university (so back in the Dark Ages!!!). Initially we went to the largest town in the region called Plön intending to walk along the lake shore and cross to a nearby island. However, we didn’t get very far as sharp showers kept forcing us to take shelter under bridges and trees.

So we returned to the station and went back one station along the line where a short walk (without rain thankfully) took us to the landing stage for a ferry on a different lake. This ferry took us right to the restaurant where Christine had worked. Her memory was that the place was really busy from lunchtime onwards and the kitchen (where she was the general skivvy) was going flat out. Sadly, that appears to have changed as there were only 2 other tables occupied while we had our kaffee und küchen (Stephen can heartily recommend the Black Forest gateau – more cream than cake!). Perhaps they now do more of their business in the evenings?

Having rekindled the memories, including seeing the annex where she lived, we walked on to the pretty town of Eutin nearby and then returned to Lübeck.

While Christine was digesting her pill and then going to the 10.40 service at the cathedral in the old town, Stephen went for a bike ride (after all he hadn’t even touched his bike the previous day!!). We met up after lunch as arranged and then wandered around the old part of town which is really quite large. There are several old and very large churches as well as many historic buildings for other purposes. Interspersed there are some modern ones which, by and large, are in keeping with their neighbours.

We also found a cake shop which majored on marzipan (which neither of us really like) with some very impressive “models” of town buildings made from the stuff. They also have a wide range of chocolates and cakes (not all of which include marzipan) at very reasonable prices (about €2.50 for a good sized slice to take away) – so Christine thought it would be rude not to patronise them!

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    1. Good to have met you too. Hope you had a safe journey back to England. When we are back drop in for a coffee when you are around Box Hill!

  1. Your trip seems to involve an awful lot of cake! Oh and your trombone achieved a distinction at grade 3!. What a clever trombone.

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