We’ve Been on a Cruise!

And we loved it!!!

Stephen is completely discombobulated by this. He was absolutely convinced that we are not the sort of people who would enjoy it and cannot get his head around the fact that we did.

So what was so good about it?

  • It was like being in a good hotel all day with excellent staff who cannot do enough for you.
  • It was just so relaxing.
  • If you are “time rich” as we are lucky enough to be now it is a tremendous way of getting from A to B – so much better than flying which is just a chore.
  • The food was great and always available.
  • Although there were 3,498 other passengers onboard you could find somewhere quiet to sit and read.
  • Or you could go people watching on deck.
  • Or you could find someone to talk to who almost always had something interesting to say. There was only one meal when we sat next to a yawn-inducing couple.
  • Christine did not get seasick.
  • Christine enjoyed attending mass on the mornings we were not ashore with a lovely priest taking it.
  • The entertainment and films were good if you chose carefully.
  • Having an inside cabin was not a problem. Many people said that they looked out of their window or used their balcony first thing in the morning and that was it. They didn’t go back until bedtime.
  • All this cost us £72 per day (including “compulsory gratuities”)! For both of us!! Amazing value.

What were the downsides?

  • The days ashore did feel a bit rushed.
  • A potentially interesting series of lectures was a complete waste of time (see Just Cruisin’).
  • A couple of the films were repeated. Inside Out was shown on 3 days in 2 weeks – a great film but there are others that could have replaced the repeats.

Photos of the ship added here.

2 thoughts on “We’ve Been on a Cruise!”

    1. He’s a very happy boy! He has been getting progressively more excited!!
      And Torquay stayed up, despite being 10 points adrift of safety at the end of Feb!!

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