We Go on a Pilgrimage

25/5/16. We jumped on the train again today to visit the largest temple on the 88 Temple Pilgrimage at Zentsiju which the Lonely Planet Guide suggests as the temple to see if you only visit one. It is number 75 on the list (starting at Tokashima and going clockwise round the island) and, as number 76 was only about 3 km away at Konzōjii we went to that one as well. (The other temples which we have visited so far have not been among the 88.)

There were significant numbers of proper pilgrims (distinguishable by their white coats, conical hats and staffs) at both of them – including, amazingly, the Frenchman we had met on the road two days earlier! The hardcore do the route of 1,200 km on foot but others “cheat” – we saw a coachload disembark at Konzōji.

Photos posted on the Temples page.

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