Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu

24/5/16. Wow! Just wow!!

We had read that this garden is world renowned and one of the best in Japan. Having seen it, we can only agree. It was absolutely stunning.

It is, of course, completely different to great British gardens. There are relatively few flowers – some irises and azaleas were the only ones in bloom, cherry blossom time having been and gone. Instead, the colour palette uses subtle variations of green.

But rather than having us try to describe what we saw and fail miserably, take a look at our photos here, or the more professional ones in a Google search.

If we come back to Japan another visit to this garden will be very high on the list of priorities and we would urge you to make the trip if you are into gardens. Takamatsu is very close to where the train line from Honshu (the largest island in Japan) crosses onto Shikoku so it is very accessible if you have one of the tourist rail passes.

By the way, the entrance fee is an absolute bargain at ¥410 (about £2.60) and we were extremely lucky as we even got a free, personal guided tour (lasting more than 2 hours) from a volunteer guide who was waiting just inside.

P.S. We took a day trip on the train to Takamatsu rather than cycle 70 km in the “wrong” direction.

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