He Shoots. He Scores!

Stephen just wants to crow about a brainwave he had this morning when we were returning from our visit to some caves!

After booking the flights to Japan, Christine continued in “travel planning mode” (she loves it!) and started looking at flights back to Europe from Tokyo. BA was coming in at close to £2,000 per person to Heathrow and LOT was cheaper to Warsaw at £1,100 each. We didn’t book anything.

Anyway, Stephen suddenly thought of the Air Miles/Avios points we have built up over the years. Christine was straight onto the web – and we’re booked on flights in the middle of July from Tokyo to Berlin via Heathrow for £430 in total!!! And they’re premium economy as well.

8 thoughts on “He Shoots. He Scores!”

  1. Absolutely brilliant result.
    It makes all the medication taken for air sickness worthwhile now Christine, and gets you back into Europe at the best time of the year for more cycling……

    1. A bit weird that you’ll be in the UK for a transfer. Still no sign of building or demolition activity on your renter’s house. I haven’t seen them recently for an update. Do I clean the cards up for the autumn or are you straight off again?

      In my position would you renew my Fulham season ticket? Also the trombone is getting warmed up for June 12th. 3.30 on the tele. Good to read your stuff.

      1. Heathrow is the transfer because we are flying BA.

        We do expect to be in the UK for a while both before and after the wedding (30 Sep) visiting people so a hand or two and a Chinese would be more than welcome!

        When will the video of the trombone performance be available?

    2. We are both excited at the thought of visiting Germany again. The plan is to head north from Berlin into the Mecklenburg region, which is somewhere we have talked about going to for many years, and then along the coast towards Blighty.

  2. Great, more luxury travel. You’ll be getting used to this 5* lifestyle! Maybe a welcome home party at the Palace in due course!

    1. Hmmm. Not sure that premium economy really counts as luxury – but the extra leg room will be more than welcome, as will the extra baggage allowance!

    1. Too late to vote, which is in June! And definitely not for Brexit! We are committed Europeans!!

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