Thoughts on KL

11-13/5/16. We have been taking things easy while waiting for our flight to Japan on Sunday. What follows is a random collection of thoughts, experiences and facts from our time here.

  • The weather has cooled a bit but it is still hot.
  • This has been helped by several heavy storms – but that does increase the humidity.
  • Malaysia drives in the left and uses British style electrical plugs.
  • We were asked to take off our shoes before entering one of the bike shops.
  • A lady in one of the bike shops was the wife of the Malaysian national cycling coach.
  • The traffic is generally pretty well behaved – no worse than in London anyway.
  • On the way to Sunday lunch we passed a monkey.
  • Kuala Lumpur means “muddy confluence”. The confluence is not very impressive but it is muddy!
The "muddy confluence" after which KL is named.
The “muddy confluence” after which KL is named.
  • Stephen had a £2 haircut.
After a £2 haircut.
After a £2 haircut.
  • Public transport is cheap and easy to use.
  • Food is of variable quality but cheap.
  • It is a very relaxed place. People are friendly and the different ethnicities seem to get along.
  • Red bean and walnut pastries are yummy.
  • KL is full of mahoosive roads and intersections that confuse the heck out of us – looks like a plate of spaghetti!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on KL”

  1. Happy Days!
    Bon voyage for the Japanese leg of your cycling odyssey. Safe journey – hope you get to go in one of their splendid iconic bullet trains as you journey through the country.

    1. Thank you, Jay. We may miss out on the bullet trains this time as apparently they are a real pain with bikes, which have to be packed into special bags. We are excited and a bit apprehensive, and we may well be silent for a while as it is illegal for foreigners to buy voice SIM CARDS IN Japan, and our UK company cancelled our UK sims whilst we were in Australia! Stephen is hoping to be able to sort out a data only package. Otherwise it will be a quiet couple of months!
      Hope we can meet up when we are back in the UK in Sept or Oct.

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