We Are Going On A Cruise!

Did we mention that??!!

We still cannot quite believe it. Us? On a cruise? Unreal!

We will be offline while on board as wifi costs about £22 per day (unbelievable!) We may get the chance to grab a quick download in McDonald’s or a library when we stop in Brisbane, Darwin or KL but otherwise there will be little news from us until we arrive in Singapore on 30 April. Hopefully Leicester will have secured the title and Torquat will be safe by then!

One thought on “We Are Going On A Cruise!”

  1. £22 ridiculous!!!
    Do they not want you to show the beautiful places you visit and keep in touch with loved ones?
    Enjoy following you from Kuwait where my husband is for a year
    Have fun ! Our daughter is off to Aus soon as a Dr.
    Thanks Mr.Hunt

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