Oh Dear!

5/4/16. This is why Stephen is better off on 2 wheels than four!

What an idiot!
What an idiot!

At the campsite this evening he reversed, without looking, straight into a parked “ute”. The owner was standing close by talking to his mates and was completely unphased by it – “Oh, it’ll be OK” without even looking (and he was right!) – but we now face a (doubtless outrageous) bill from the hire car company when we return the vehicle.

Christine kept commendably quiet about events while Stephen feels like a complete muppet!

The day had started well with a leisurely breakfast before checking out of the hostel. We then made our way to the airport to pick up the car using the train and local bus rather than the much publicised SkyBus – at a cost of $3.90 each rather than $19!

When picking up the car we spent a long time inspecting it and noting minor scratches and chips on the condition sheet – ironic in view of what happened later!!! We then drove back to the station, leaving the car in a shopping centre car park, to hop back into town by train to collect the bikes (which could not be taken on either of the bus options and Christine refused to cycle to the airport!). The Melbourne equivalent of the Oyster card which we were using has a daily cap of $7.80 so the third journey was free.

Back at the car, Stephen collapsed the bikes using the special couplings built into the frames and they then both fitted into the boot, barring two wheels (photo to follow) and then we were off.

Taking it easy, we headed north we were soon out of the city and into small town Victoria stopping at Kilmore.

6 thoughts on “Oh Dear!”

  1. Never mind- it could happen to any motorist.
    Don’t let it spoil your trip up to Sydney.
    If you’re feeling hungry for fish in Sydney we recommend Doyle’s in The Fish Market, for the best catch, cooked in front of you or any of the other nearby restaurants – enjoy.

    1. Thanks for the thought Jay. I have heard of Doyles and fancy ut very much but I’m not sure my accountant will release the budget!

  2. What a bugger! (Australian vernacular) I can recommend a great BBQ spot. It’s called Dan’s.

    LEICESTER CLEAR BY 7 POINTS. Most great in the world then.

    1. My thought exactly! We intendvto hook up with Dan when we get intendvtot lrast because he has a bag of our warm weather gear.

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