Cockatoo Island

11/4/16. The campsite near the airport is not the smartest of places but was convenient for dropping off the hire car, so it was always the plan to move to a place nearer the centre after one night.

There is a small island (rather romantically named Cockatoo Island although there don’t seem to be many of the noisy blighters there) in the middle of Sydney Harbour that was the site for the Australian Navy’s ship building and repair yards (having originally been a supplementary jail!). These closed in the 1980s and, about 15 years ago, the island was reopened to the public. It is now both a museum for some of the country’s industrial heritage and a place for people to go glamping in the pre-erected, fully equipped tents. The riff raff with their own tents are also allowed to stay!

It is not cheap ($45 per night, $50 at weekends, if you bring your own tent) but is in a wonderful position, inland from the Bridge which is visible from the eastern end of the island. It is reached using public ferries which run from Circular Quay levery half hour. The only drawback is that it is not easy to pop to the shop if you have forgotten something!

Stephen returned the car on Monday morning and (wonder of wonders!) the lady who checked it in missed the result of his faux pas. Result!! The rest of the day just seemed to disappear in the “excitement” of packing up, moving to the island, finding that we needed to return to the mainland to buy some supplies and cooking. It was just one of those days when you feel as though you have been busy but seem to achieve very little.

We now have to work our way through the To Do list for the next leg of our travels. This is going to make for pretty dull blogging so there is likely to be only one more missive this week before we get on the ship on Saturday (you may have read somewhere that we are going on a cruise!).


  1. Wow, you are certainly having some adventure and seeing so many places.
    So much been going on here, have not caught up on your travels for a while and really enjoyed catching up tonight.
    You have inspired me to try and encourage my husband to take the ‘gap year’ we never had – whether we will is to be seen!
    Look forward to hearing about the next leg of your trip.

    1. Lovely to hear from you, Sue. I would thoroughly recommend a gap year. We are having a wonderful time, despite living on a tight budget. It is great fun! Hope you persuade your husband!

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