Christine’s Love Letter to Australia

Australia! Wonderful! Amazing! Incredible! I had no big desire to visit, but we thought that as we were in New Zealand, it would be silly not to. I have been completely blown away by the country. It is easy, so easy, with everything in English, and the locals being generally relaxed and friendly. Why had I never heard about the magnificent coast south of Sydney? Yes, I had heard of the Queensland resorts, but the coast we cycled seems to be a hidden gem, known only to Aussies! At times, I felt as though we were on safari, as the wildlife was great; koalas, emus, kangaroos, wallabies, wonderful birds and birds on to accompany us, and even penguins! The forests, and the bit of rain forest we cycled through were fabulous. The campsites were generally of high quality and well-kitted out. Every town or village had good public toilets. Where there were cycle paths, they were usually high quality. The size is huge, so there is so much more to come back and explore another time.

What were the downsides? The road trains and occasionally aggressive drivers were not good. I did feel frightened at times.
Australia, I fell in love with you and am looking forward to returning before too long!

One thought on “Christine’s Love Letter to Australia”

  1. I’e visited Aus 10 times and still feel exactly the same. We always visit Cronnulla. It’s beautiful as you described. Now realise I must do the Melbourne trip to see the Koalas. Hope the cruise goes well. Looking forward to reading more.

    How many days rain and what was the average wind strength@

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