Sojourn in Sydney

12-16/4/16. The last few days have been quiet with periods of preparation for Asia interspersed with short spells of budget sightseeing.

On Tuesday we went on a “poorman’s cruise” on the ferry up to Parramatta, where the best map shop in Sydney is located, to get coverage of South East Asia. Conveniently there is a travel clinic there too and we hit lucky with a cancelled appointment, giving us the chance to blow almost a full week’s budget on vaccinations and malaria treatments!

After the success of leaving our winter clothing in Sydney we decided to get rid of it altogether by posting it back to our son, Alaric, in the UK. A reasonably large box weighed 4 kg, which was good from a cost of posting perspective ($65 by sea taking 2-3 months) but was a slightly disappointing reduction in the load on the bikes! We also posted 2 penknives to Stephen’s ex-work colleague, Hanny, in Singapore as they are not allowed on the ship.

Contacting potential Warmshowers hosts in Singapore has so far proved unsuccessful in locating accommodation but the response of one of them set Christine planning! It being a public holiday weekend when we arrive in Singapore, he is going cycling in Indonesia. Christine twigged that this must mean there is a part that is easily accessible and she found that the island of Batam is close by so giving her a chance to chalk up another country on her list!

The highlight of the sightseeing was walking over the Harbour Bridge with the spectacular views – so much better on foot than from a car.

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