Our Trip So Far – A Few Numbers

(We are accountants after all, so please indulge us!)

It is now almost exactly a year since we set out across Europe although, of course, we did return home for 5 months for orthopaedic reasons in the middle. Excluding this time at home, we have been away for 211 nights of which 160 (76%) were spent in our tent. We have covered 6,700 km (almost 4,200 miles) of which 3,200 were in Europe and 3,500 were in Oceania.

Of the 211 days, 133 (63%) were “cycling days” (loosely defined as a day on which we used the bikes to go “somewhere” – not just to the shops or into town), 45 were “rest days” (short stops between cycling days) and 33 were longer stops such as waiting for flights and the Christmas break with Jay, Tim and Eleri.

This means the average distance covered on a cycling day was just over 50 km – 55 km per day in Europe and 45 in Oceania, reflecting the flatness of the route across Europe and Stephen’s growing acceptance that distance covered is not the prime purpose of our travels.

(This may be tempting providence.) In cycling 13,400 km between us, we have suffered only one puncture – thanks to the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres the originals of which are still going strong. We have replaced both chains once and are about to move to the third set of brake blocks. Other than these items of routine maintenance, there has been one rear wheel failure and a replacement bottom bracket (still not convinced that this was strictly necessary).

We have not kept a record of how many tonnes of pasta or gallons of tomato sauce we have consumed!

2 thoughts on “Our Trip So Far – A Few Numbers”

  1. An update on the trombone. On June 12th it will be performing in front of the Queen as part of her 90th birthday celebrations. The scout band has been selected to play in the Pageant in the Mall. (along with 1500 other performers).

    What a gift that trombone has been. Thanks.

  2. Hi Christine and Steve. I do hope you won’t be doing my accounting!! If you have travelled 6,700 kms, 3,200 in Europe and 3,700 in Oceania, where have those other 200 kms gone to?
    Best wishes

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