The Garden of Eden

11&12/3/16. That’s where we are staying. Honest!

We are in the town of Eden and that is what the campsite is called. It is a very nice site with good facilities and a reasonable price. But before you ask, we have seen no apples or snakes and everyone is wearing clothes (thank goodness).

We have had a couple of short (c.30 km) but hilly days to get the “timing” right for a Sunday and a couple of days in the “wilderness”. After Eden there is almost nothing other than a campsite with composting toilets and no water or showers for more than 100 km as we cross from New South Wales into Victoria.

During the night at Tathra we were woken by lights, a car engine and talking at the site next to us. After a while Stephen got up to see what was going on and found two paramedics attending to someone. Next morning we were told that a man had a diabetic attack having forgotten to take his insulin and he was in hospital in a coma and might not recover! Yikes!

This disturbed night combined with (1) another 6.30 alarm, (2) rain overnight and as we were packing up the tent followed by (3) a tough little climb from the beach to Tathra itself all made for a bad start to the day for Christine who was feeling the effects of less than 10 hours sleep. (That is the absolute minimum that she needs when cycling all day.) She felt lousy all day and was in bed by 7 o’clock.

As the morning progressed we noticed that the traffic was passing closer than previously with some coming scarily near, especially as it was quite a busy and fast road. We could only attribute this to the road being narrower than others.

As we neared the top of the biggest hill of the day (the man at the campsite reception had been quite gleeful when telling us about it!) a lady, Karen, came out of a house and offered us a cup of tea. As the rain had moved on and the sun was breaking through making it warm and humid, we gratefully accepted.

We had a very pleasant time with her and her partner Prana talking about bikes and travelling and Surrey (she was at the University in Guildford before she emigrated about 25 years ago).

The road continued to undulate before a steep descent took us into the busy little town of Merimbula where we just managed to squeeze into the campsite nearest town,it being busy because of a 50’s night at a local club to coincide with public holidays in Victoria and Canberra. Stephen nipped into town to get copies of his passport and driving licemce certified by a solictor (needed in connection with his mother’s finances back home) and was pleasantly surprised to get it sorted quickly – and for free!

The ride from Merimbula to Eden was relatively uneventful, being on a flat cyclepath as far as Pambula followed by a return to our old “friend” the Prince’s Highway. The highway has, not surprisingly, become less busy than it was nearer Sydney but the shoulder for much of the way was considerably narrower or non-existent.

Although we had had a later start the short distance meant we were at the Garden by lunchtime and we had a relaxing afternoon catching up on emails, etc and wandering into town to buy dinner and find out church service times.

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    1. Yep. We’re having a ball. We bet it is “all systems go” in the garden for you now that spring is on its way.

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