Keep Heading South!

6-9/3/16. It has continued to be very hot and humid over the last few days and the forecast is that it will continue in the same way for at least another week. Everybody tells us it is unseasonably hot and we heard on the TV last night that yesterday was the 32nd consecutive day that it has been above 26° in Sydney! The mornings are fine but after midday it becomes uncomfortable and stays that way until early evening.

Sunday was another quiet day of reading and pottering around as, once Christine returned from church, it was too warm to do anything and we were enjoying having a (cool) roof over our heads. Also, Batemans Bay doesn’t have much to offer really, seemingly being a town for locals rather than tourists (and why not, they do live here after all).

The last three days (Mon-Wed) have been broadly similar with us making an effort to start earlier than normal and distances tending to be on the shorter side (35, 40 and 50 km) in an effort to avoid the worst of the heat. The route has been a mixture of on the main highway and off it (including a lovely 12 km stretch of segregated cyclepath right along the coast into Narooma – particularly recommended).

Part way along this path we stopped at a lookout to admire the view of the beach and the waves breaking on the adjacent headland. We started talking to 4 lovely Victorians (Lyn, Tina, John & Jim) about how wonderful we were all finding this part of the world and what we were doing. An hour or so later coincidence struck as we were checking into the campsite in Narooma as they drove in. An invitation to a cup of tea at one of their cabins later was gratefully accepted and we had a most enjoyable time nattering about life, the universe and everything as well as them giving us some advice on what to expect and to look out for when we get into Victoria.

At the same campsite, we were also lucky to be placed next to a caravan with another delightful couple, Rex and Bev, who enjoy cycling and reading about it. They also offered very welcome cups of tea. It was a real pleasure to meet and spend time with all 6 of these friendly Aussies.

The view from our tent in Narooma.

And the site itself was in the most wonderful positiion overlooking the beach. We will include the photo here soon – just to make you jealous!

The other big excitement was seeing a couple cycling touring – the first we have seen in the country. They were from Florida so didn’t find the heat too much of a problem.

We are slowly making our way towards the “corner” where NSW and Victoria meet and we start heading west rather than south. At that point it gets “remote” for a couple of days with nothing other than trees for a long stretch. Should be an experience!

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    1. We would certainly recommend heading south along this coast if you haven’t seen it already. It really is rather lovely.

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