Baking on the Road to Batemans Bay

4&5/3/16. We had a very lazy rest day on Friday wandering around the small town and harbour before going to the library to catch up on some admin stuff.

Another glorious morning saw us setting off for Batemans Bay early to get as much of the 55 km done before the heat and humidity really set in. We were on the highway as soon as we left town and made excellent progress. The road was gently undulating through a forest which provided a lot of shade. In addition there were filling stations every 10 km or so, so we could get cold drinks regularly (and also a wonderful slice of homemade lemon meringue pie each at one of them).

As the sun rose to its highest the road turned slightly so the shade moved to the other side and we started to cook. Christine, in particular, started to overheat and had a long sit down in the shade at one of the filling stations to let some of the heat dissipate.

Although pretty much the whole day was on the highway, the traffic was generally well behaved with only a police car coming too close to Stephen! This struck us as somewhat ironic given that the police here take a strong line on enforcing the mandatory helmet laws and here was a policeman flouting the new (from 1 March) law requiring drivers to give at least a 1.5 metre gap when passing a cyclist on a road where the speed limit is more than 60 kph!

Batemans Bay looked to be a bustling little place as we cycled through town to the youth hostel for our first night under a roof in Australia. We shall find out more tomorrow as it is church and pill day.

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