Wollongong and South

28&29/2/16. The next day was Sunday so Christine was up early to take her pill and get to the 9 o’clock service. Afterwards we took the bus into Wollongong using our Sydney “Oyster” cards which we were pleasantly surprised to find operated 80 km out of Sydney. And even better, they gave us free travel because we had already taken 8 journeys in the week. Not bad huh?

The centre of Wollongong was nothing special but we picked up some free wifi provided by the city (there was none available at the campsite) which pushed it up in our estimation. This was further enhanced when we found the beaches which were lovely and busy with surfers enjoying the swell generated by the aftermath of the cyclone which hit Fiji a week or so ago.

On Monday morning we were back on the cycle path which gave us an easy and extremely pleasant ride all the way into Wollongong and beyond. After we had passed the centre alongside the beaches we had seen the previous day we came to the industrial area with steel and cement works. It was not the prettiest part of the trip but obviously a key part of the local economy and at least there was still the separate cycle path keeping us off the 6 lane highway alongside.

We then passed through some uninspiring suburbs of Wollongong before heading back to the coast after passing Lake Illiwara (which we could not really see because of the main road, houses and trees between it and us). After lunch at Shellhaven the cycle path disappeared and we were on a road heading towards the motorway which was disconcerting. At the last minute there was road off to the left which appeared to be the old main road so we took it even though the NSW Coastal Cycleway signage had dried up. This turned out to be a good guess as, where this road headed straight into the embankment of the motorway there was a small gate leading to a cycle path.

The last 10 km into Kiama became quite hilly and, with Christine starting to feel a little under the weather we were grateful to arrive at the campsite and not be faced with the trauma and drama that we had experienced at the previous site.

Stephen went for a quick walk to see the must-see sight in Kiama – a blowhole from which spray spouts periodically when the waves hit the cliffs at the right angle and height. He saw some spray but was not overly impressed. However, Christine had seen on Facebook that Dan (our kind postbox in Sydney) had visited with his family the day before and posted a short video of the blowhole doing its “stuff” in a much more impressive manner.

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